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DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN frontman gets some shit off his chest, checks in with band update

Posted on April 21, 2009


THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Greg Picuato is never shy about speaking his mind. And his latest blog post is no different. To begin, Greg goes off on our government about taxation and just does not relent. It's a pretty intriging read worth checking out. Since we are a music site, we'll focus mostly on what he said about his band and other side projects:

I did a remix for the band PRONG that's gonna come out on a remix album of theirs called “Power Of The Damned Mixxxer”, check it out when it comes out. I've been writing lyrics furiously for DEP songs, as well as getting going on some non-DEP shit with a totally different vibe, I'll let you know whats coming of that or what form it'll be taking when it gets a little further along in development, but it sounds awesome even in a fairly early stage. The big news though is that the new DEP is taking on the appearance of pure ferocity, and we still have 'til July 20th before we go into the studio to record. I imagine Dillinger as being like Gozer at the end of Ghostbusters. We kinda don't know what our album is gonna be like going into the writing process, and then our writing progresses, and its kinda like that part when she says “choose your destructor” and then it manifested itself as the marshmallow man…..except we are manifesting as a giant tsunami of asskicking. We have a press release about to come out, all about our new album, complete with title and record label and other stuff, coming out any day now, so be on the lookout over at our myspace page and on any other music news site that covers badassery. Ben is twittering away about our writing progress over on our official twitter, twitter.com/dillingerescpln, and I just signed up twitter.com/gregpuciato before some weirdo could get it first and start faking the funk. I haven't posted anything yet, but its inevitable that one day I might, so sign up if you are into reading COOL SHIT. One day I'll be in your hood and we'll organize a barbecue or something over the twitter. When we're on tour and then later when we're in the studio I'll probably twitter updates and cool shit on the daily.

I also started writing a couple of books after being inspired by Eugene from Oxbow to get off my ass about it, the topics of which are top secret but will be revealed in due time. I'll keep you guys informed! Oh yeah….yesterday I did some background vocals on a new Everytime I Die song, I felt super fresh and it sounded absolutely killer and made me itchy for recording some scathing new DEP vocals with the mighty Steve Evetts in July and August!!!!

If you haven't had enough of Greg for today, check out this interview we did right as Ire Works came out where he talked unfiltered about many topics.

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