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Did RON JARZOMBEK Release The Future Of Music?

Posted by on November 6, 2012 at 10:21 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

A year ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Blotted Science mastermind, Ron Jarzombek, concerning his music, the state of accelerated music comprehension, and its many forms of outlets provided today. In the interview Jarzombek briefly mentioned the use of apps as a visual aid to his music, and it appears to be something he had up his sleeve all along.

Last week, Jarzombek released a new song titled "Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics" (B.L.A.C.K.) through his new revolutionary multi-tracking iOS app. The app separates each instrument on a solo track allowing the user to toggle and mix their own version of the song, giving the listener a complete interactive experience with his music at the ease of a finger tip. I think releasing new music through an interactive app is a brilliant idea, especially for fans of this sub-genre, but will it be the new norm? Only time will tell if this method will ever really take off, but it's certainly worth downloading and testing it out yourself.

Check out this video to learn about the app from Ron himself.

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