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DEICIDE Is In The Studio Wrapping Up A New Album

Posted by on February 5, 2018 at 10:10 am

Deicide's follow-up to 2013's In The Minds Of Evil has been a long time coming and it seems like 2018 is the year it'll arrive. The band initially hit the studio in 2016 for the new album, though seemed to hit a bit of a speed bump when guitarist Jack Owen "left one day and never came back."  Drummer Steve Asheim added that the band had the album all done with Owen, but didn't really feel too excited about the quality of the songs. So they decided to rewrite them because "we weren't really psyched about them."

Owen was replaced by Monstrosity guitarist Mark English, and according to Decide's Facebook the band is "back In the studio, wrapping up the new album." Given that this means the band is done recording, the mixing and mastering process would still have to take place before the release could receive an actual release date. Still though, new Deicide is coming!

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