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DEFTONES Guitarist Says He's Not Leaving The Group, Drama Is Just Normal

Posted by on March 18, 2016 at 11:26 am

Deftones kind of hit this weird snag that wasn't really a snag at all recently when guitarist Stephen Carpenter said he wasn't initially too into the Gore album and its writing process. Chino Moreno playfully fired back that writing with Carpenter is essentially a sport, but both said that there was nothing really horrible happening behind the scenes.

Now Carpenter tells Team Rock that this sort of drama, while not normally publicized, just happens.

"That could have been any day. That could have been any album. It could have happened on every record we've ever recorded."

"People are too emotional about their lives. I see it in my lives and my friends' lives, technology has given people so much information and it should have been something that freed us up and be more rational. Instead everyone is more emotional and stressed, and so heavily invested in the behaviour of other people.

"Remember before all this communication? When you didn't have your friends and a bunch of strangers feed coming into your life and you could just enjoy your own life without hearing about all this stuff all the time?

"You just got on with your life and your problems and it was all fine. So people need to cool off. It has to be understood that it's an awesome invention and it's an awesome platform for people to be able to communicate. But, like everything, it's just been saturated to the point where you can't say anything without all this fallout."

I get where he's coming from, and it's awesome that Deftones are all good, but at the same time it's not like everyone was prying into his life. He said it in an interview that millions of people can readily access at any given time… because the Internet is a thing.

So anyway, Deftones are all good and "Doomed User" is chunky as fuck. Questions?

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