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CURSED has a music video

Posted on July 16, 2008

The now defunct CURSED made an interesting post on their blog earlier this week, and it's worth my mention here. Despite having the brutal new album III: Architects of Troubled Sleep recently released earlier this year and the Blackout at Sunrise EP under their belt as well, they have posted the brand new music video to "The Void" from their second album II. While releasing your first music video for a song that was written two albums in the past might be a surprising move for most bands, time has proven that the moves of unconventional band's like CURSED can never really be proven or understood. This is a band that opened the aformentioned II album with a four minute hardcore metal explosion featuring vocals and the song was entitled simply "Intro" – logic doesn't really apply to them, if you know what I mean. It's clear that CURSED honestly embodies the arrogant "don't give a fuck" attitude that it takes to survive as a hardcore band or metal band, and for that I salute them. What IS surprising is that this song still sounds as fucking awesome and forward-thinking as it did when they released it three years ago. That my friends, is what distinguishes the amazing bands from the rest. It's only all too sad they broke up earlier this summer.

With that said, this video (which was directed by their friend Karol Orzechowski) is a gem, as well. She did an excellent job to perfectly reflect the brutal, inspired, fire-spitting rage of the audio track. CURSED are a band to be feared, and after entering their world, yours will never be the same. Here's the video to "The Void"

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