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CRYPTOPSY Reuniting With Lord Worm (For One Show)

Posted by on March 22, 2013 at 11:01 am

So there's this Canadian rock and metal festival happening in June called Amnesia Rockfest. I'm not sure what the details are because the site is in French and I don't trust Google Translate, but one of the pieces of information I was able to find is that Cryptopsy is playing with "Special Guest" Lord Worm!

There's no indication on Cryptopsy's website indicating that this is anything but a one off performance, but fans can cross their fingers that Lord Worm will pop up for future appearances. Cryptopsy are getting ready for a European tour with Cattle Decapitation in April, but it seems unlikely that El Wormarino would make any "Special Guest" appearances on these dates. And, pending an official band statement saying Lord Worm is replacing current Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy, there's no sense in speculating about what the future holds. So, for the time being, you lucky Canuck metal heads should get tickets to Amnesia Rockfest while the rest of us must remain content with this video of Lord Worm eating worms with some seemingly apprehensive fans.

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