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COBALT's New Jam "Cold Breaker" Is Less Black Metal, More Blackened Rock

Posted by on March 17, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Cobalt will be releasing its new double album Slow Forever is out on March 25 via Profound Lore, marking the first time the band will release an album since 2009's Gin. It's also the first album with ex-Lord Mantis frontman Charlie Fell on vocals in place of the now-departed ex-Cobalt vocalist Phil McSorley.

So what's Slow Forver so full of that it's got to be two discs? How about heaping mounds of ridiculously good American black metal-flavored jams? Though this time around it's a little less metal and a lot more blackened rock n' roll… which this world needs more of anyway, honestly.

[via Invisible Oranges]

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