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CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE is in the studio

Posted on June 15, 2008

The long-running, innovative, and influential hardcore band CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE is currently in the studio to record the followup to their 2004 album As the Roots Undo . Although their discography is a surprisingly short list, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE have made a legendary name for themselves during the last decade with their blend of progressive experimentation and DIY hardcore, metal, and noise. If you have never heard the band before, their sound could best be described as being characterized by a natural fusion of the off-the-wall structures of grindcore and the sweeping guitar dynamics of post-punk. Personally, I've always put them in the same ballpark with artists like TODAY IS THE DAY , but one review hit the nail on the head when they described them as NAPALM DEATH meets FUGAZI .

Over the course of the last decade, the dissonant hardcore sound that was reinvented and pioneered by CTTS and other luminaries like PG. 99 , HOT CROSS , ORCHID , and SAETIA has been drastically altered and bastardized. Meanwhile, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE have retained their integrity and stayed true to to the grind influenced experimental, progressive hardcore soundscapes that defined the screamo albums of the early part of the millenium. CTTS have indicated that the forthcoming album will continue to expand their chaotic, forward-thinking sound into new uncharted territories; the album is sure to be a monster that will deserve your attention. The album is still untitled and no release date it set, but you can check out their studio blog to stay in touch with the recording session!

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