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CD review: REVOCATION, Existence is Futile

Posted on October 9, 2009


By Ben Apatoff

REVOCATION's first album for Relapse arrives with more pre-release buzz than many more established bands' new music. An Existence is Futile widget has been making the blogging rounds for weeks, and a Decibel review promising "absolutely godlike" content graces banner ads and store copies of the record. Get on the bandwagon, because not only have three guys who are probably younger than you made one of the year's best albums, they jump through genres, chord changes and hooks with the expertise of a great band on their fourth or fifth full-length.

Existence is Futile will make you wonder why death metal bands never delivered on their SLAYER and PANTERA influences up until now, and it makes most technical bands seem like they're wasting their time in a proficiency war. "Pestilence Reigns," "The Brain Scramblers" and "Anthem of the Betrayed" drop more than enough riffs to carry an entire album, but guitarist DAVE DAVIDSON spews out catchy, thoughtfully-structured hooks as if he's in no fear of wasting all his good ideas on the first album. He only slows down to solo like the spawn of DIMEBAG and MARTY FRIEDMAN raised in the death metal age. The rhythm section holds down the fort beautifully, reigning the guitarist into some astonishing breakdowns in "Dismantling the Dictator" and "Deathonomics" and directing the thrilling final shreds of "The Tragedy of Modern Ages" into a soaring conclusion. Whether this is the first step in a history-making career or the last worthy project they commit to tape, Revocation are now a must-hear force in the music world.

Rating: 4 ReAnimaniacs out of 5

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