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Calling All Juggalettes: This Could Be Your Big Break

Posted on July 8, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

We spent a bit too much time talking about ICP and their Juggalo fan base the last few months. Whether it be their absurd appearance on Nightline, the SNL parodies, or scientists teaching them how f'n magnets work, there has always been maximum lulz to be had. And, the lulz don't stop.

Our good buddy Rich sent over a link to this Detroit Craigslist ad inquiring about juggalettes needed for a photo shoot for a Juggalo Bail Bonds company. What a brilliant idea! No, really. Who needs bail bonds more than juggalos? Those zany kids are constantly getting themselves into trouble, because the man just doesn't get their ways. So if there are any Detroit juggalettes reading this, better hop on board this gravy train. This could be huge!