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SUFFOCATION Vocalist Frank Mullen To "Retire" From The Band After One More Tour

Posted by on March 13, 2018 at 11:38 am

Suffocation has been fronted by vocalist Frank Mullen since its inception in 1988 to their breakup in 1998, and then from 2002 onward. Mullen hasn't toured with the group on all their treks ever since 2012, citing a new union job that wouldn't allow him much time off. But he's always been a part of the group and performed on all their albums.

Unfortunately, Mullen has now announced he'll be exiting the group completely this year after one more tour, though that tour has not yet been finalized.

In a video posted to his page, Mullen says he's gunning to be a full-time actor after his departure from Suffocation. Suffocation has not yet commented on Mullen's departure. In a random coincidence, he is joined in the video by Lisa Marie Von, the former WWE wrestler Victoria. Turns out Victoria and Frank are acquaintances through Frank's sister.

As of right now, his fill-in live is still vocalist Ricky Myers of Disgorge fame.

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