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Bummer Alert

MARILYN MANSON Tour "On Pause," But He "Will Be Back In Action Soon" According To Bandmate

Posted by on October 1, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Last night's New York City Marilyn Manson show was cut short when a piece of the set fell on Manson as he was performing "Sweet Dreams."  From the looks of one of the videos, it looks like Manson grabbed onto the gun prop and slipped and was immediately crushed by the set piece. The music and everything stopped. The show was cancelled shortly after.

Variety spoke to a label rep who notes 'the singer suffered a leg injury and was taken to the hospital and should be “fine.”' Video of the incident can be seen here. Photos from the show can be seen in our photo gallery.

Questions loomed as to the status of Manson and the tour itself, which had just kicked off two nights before. Manson's bandmate and collaborator, Tyler Bates, offered an update on the vocalist's condition, posting a photo from the airport on Instagram with the caption "Well, the Marilyn Manson 'Heaven Upside Down' tour is on pause for a minute. Heading home. Manson will be back in action soon. 'Heaven Upside Down' is released October 6th, with an insane video to stoke the fire. See you soon!" Update: Nine dates have been cancelled. Here's info on the cancellations.

Manson's next scheduled date was October 2nd at the House of Blues in Boston and then back in New York on October 3rd. As of this writing, neither of those shows have been cancelled. If one of his collaborators are hopping on a plane, I'm guessing chances are there might be a few days off on this tour. Update: Nine dates have been cancelled. Here's info on the cancellations.

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