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Dethklok Creator Says Adult Swim Gave Him "Hard No" On Reviving Metalocalypse

Posted by on October 27, 2016 at 5:12 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Last year,  Dethklok/Metalocalypse fans had been campaigning for one final season of the show. Back in April, the show's television home, Adult Swim launched a petition to…make Adult Swim sign the petition… to bring back Metaloclypse, as well as a a live video feed, of the official fax machine, with all entries going directly into a recycling bin.

In essence, the joke was indicative of how seriously Adult Swim took the requests from fans for more Metaloclypse, as creator Brendon Small revealed in a new interview with Loudwire. He mentioned Adult Swim had no interest in bringing the show back, in-spite fans' demand:

“There was no debate, there wasn’t even a returned phone call. It was a hard ‘no.’ It was about as hard of a ‘no’ as you could possibly get … It’s basically like a crappy relationship at the end where we should probably break up, but they kept on dangling the idea of doing this thing in front of me and then dangling other TV show ideas and stuff like that.

“What I think really happened was [‘Metalocalypse Now’ campaigners] drove Adult Swim insane. I think Adult Swim, for some reason, took it very personally. The truth was that people were saying, ‘Hey, what the hell? Where’s our show? We’re here for this show, can you give it to us? We’re gonna watch it like crazy,’ and [Adult Swim] said no. I think somebody’s thin-skinned and somebody got their feeling hurt.”

Here's the entire interview clip:

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We spoke with Brendan last year, during the viral campaign and he gave us some thoughts on what a final special could have possibly been:

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We also had a chance to speak to Metalcolypse director Mark Brooks on the Livecast a few weeks ago, who shared fun anecdotes about recording the show. Listen to that here.

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  • Rambling Psychopath

    So why not talk to Netflix or Hulu, both of whom seem to like original content?

    • EvilDuck5000

      Adult Swim has the rights to Metalocalypse and they won't give them up because they want to keep rerunning the show into oblivion.

    • Daniel Hayley

      Because Small doesn't actually own the rights to the series, Turner Broadcasting does

  • Eric Karu

    Sucks harder than parasites swimming up the eye of ya cock!!!!

  • Arthur Rimbaud

    someone or some one's over at adult swim need a hard no upside their head negan style.

  • Ubelsteiner

    Fuck Adult Swim. All their current shows are garbage. Metalocalypse was the only good thing to come from their past decade of content.

  • Sean TheMeh Carter

    Hrmm. So, let's look at this in a financial matter.

    The most memorable and good shows to date or memory that I can think of from Adult Swim would be Metalocalypse (obviously), ATHF, Rick and Morty, and Robot Chicken, among others. While Rick and Morty's still new (and actually kinda good) and able to stand its own enough for more seasons, I'd say that ATHF and Metalocalypse were still two of the more favorite shows from the network (Robot Chicken's still a favorite, but I have no idea how or why it keeps going at this point…).

    I'm certain most of those shows bagged Adult Swim a lot of money. Obviously, money enough for tons of seasons and at least one TV movie. Metalocalypse especially got a lot of money, with the music it produced. And yet, both ended. (ATHF did get a series ending, beyond the point here…)

    So, why get rid of your top-monetizing shows? Because you think 50 other shitty programs are good? Airing anime for one day and plenty of shows that you could literally just watch on Netflix (Family Guy, King of the Hill and American Dad) wouldn't save you that much either.
    The least you could do is give Metalocalypse the treatment that ATHF got. At least they ended their show off.

  • Cattimus

    I say that everyone tweets, write, emails and spams the shit out of Adult Swim telling them they will no longer support anything they do from now on. Adult Swim is trying to push out more of the same safe, mute, droll shit that the "masses" can consume because they would rather a steady flow of money from sure things as opposed to taking a chance with something new or something seasoned and original.

  • Thirdrail1

    Man, what happened to Adult Swim? They used to have all the best shows on TV, and it's now it's just a pile of horrible unwatchable garbage. I wish Venture Bros (their last remaining bit of awesome) would find a new home, since now watching anything Adult Swim related makes me feel like a dirty traitor.