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IN FLAMES Bassist Peter Iwers Quits After Nearly 20 Years In The Band

Posted by on November 29, 2016 at 12:07 pm

In Flames' lineup has been in flux over the past year, namely due to the departure of longtime drummer Daniel Svensson, and continues to be in flux with the departure of bassist Peter Iwers. We recently discovered that Iwers as forming a band with ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad, and now Iwers has announced that he's leaving In Flames "to move on with other musical and non musical adventures." Whether or not that has anything to do with Strömblad remains unknown, but it seems like it would probably play a part in his departure?

Iwers, who has been In Flames' bassist since 1997, says his upcoming tour with the band will be his last. Here's his full statement regarding the departure.

Friends, I have decided to leave In Flames to pursue other endeavours.

As a result, this current US tour will be my last one with In Flames so if you are around, come and say hi. It has been almost 20 years of fun and I am eternally grateful to you all for all the support you have given me and the rest of the guys throughout all these years.  You made it all possible.

Now is the time for me to move on with other musical and non musical adventures. I wish the very best to Niclas, Anders, Björn & Joe. Hope to see all you Jesterheads down the road in my future endeavors.

Follow my instagram @peteriwers for updates

May the force be with you



It's worth noting that Iwers was not the founding bassist, a title that belongs to Johan Larsson. Iwers was his successor, though it's also worth noting that none of In Flames' original lineup remains.

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  • Andrew

    Well it might be because their last records really suck.. lol

    • Die of Beaties

      That's what I was gonna say!!

  • Munchy

    Saw them last week and the way Anders was speaking, they knew their new album wasn't well received.

    • Old Crime

      It can't be that bad.. Can it?

      • The One and Only Something

        From the stuff I've heard, it's not good. In Flames has been in pursuit of that one song and sound that will propel them onto commercial airwaves for the past few albums. They haven't found it and the music isn't getting better. I used to be a huge fan of this band, but these days, I'm a bit apathetic to their material.

        • mitchell271

          Same. First 4-5, fucking stellar and helped define the Gothenburg sound. Lately, they're just boring alt-metal, and borderline soft rock.

          • Die of Beaties


      • Mr. Shit

        It is indeed that bad. This band is a shell of their former self.

      • Gorgalrl

        It is, and it's absolutely faceless as well. I hate "Soundtrack to Your Escape" with all my heart, but that album had a personality, much like St Anger also did. "Battles" is just generic, watered down crap.

      • Munchy

        It's not bad if you're looking for a new ADTR album or something.

  • Blergh

    Their new album is an abomination of St. Anger proportions.

  • nell carter is my world

    The new Bruno mars album is heavier than the new In Flames album, Peter is probably so embarrassed to be in the band at this point. It's sad that when a band plays an older song live it's basically them being a cover band, due to having no original members.

  • Gorgalrl

    Good for him. Perhaps he'll turn the damn volume knob up this time around for his new project, because his tone is pretty nice when you can hear the damn thing.

  • This sucks nuts

    This sucks. The last album was awesome too. I was just thinking today of how much it sucked that Daniel left and now this. Peter is so great. Good luck and thanks for the inspiring music that helped me become a bass player.

  • McRascalSkunk

    Just heard them in studio on my local rock station, during the interview portions they sounded so depressed and uninspired. When the host brought up their pioneering of melo death, they got all defensive and were like "yeah we don't play that sound anymore." This might be the last album well see from them, sad.

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    Well i can only hope that he and Jesper comes up with an actual melodeath band in the vein of In Flames. Though it doesn't really matter considering there are other melodeath artists and on the last.fm's In Flames page there's some gems in the similar artists, http://www.last.fm/music/In+Flames/+similar such as Mors Principium Est, The Duskfall, A Canourous Quintet and more.

    I really did not like the new albums from IF and this is coming from someone who likes a few post-hardcore bands, and likes metalcore the new stuff doesn't sound inspiring. It sounds tiring and depressing.