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The Monday Grind: BRADI CEREBRI ECTOMIA Mangled Perception

Posted by on January 21, 2019 at 10:16 am

It's Monday and Mondays suck, so let's grind it out with Bradi Cerebri Ectomia's Mangled Perception.

Holy crap, two in a row. I might work this thing into an actual weekly column again. It's good to be aware of your flaws, y'know? And last year wasn't great for consistent releases for this column. However, late last year gave us a great final hurrah in the second half of December; that being today's Bradi Cerebri Ectomia's latest meat grinder, Mangled Perception.

Hailing from Belarus (west of Poland, south of Lithuania in case you needed a reference), Bradi Cerebri Ectomia have been cranking out groovy goregrind since 2008. While I think a lot of people see goregrind more through the lense of something like Last Days of Humanity, Bradi Cerebri Ectomia play a strain that's more tinged with a Symphonies of Sickness Carcass strain.

Once "Dessert By Fang" kicks on you'll notice that not only is Bradi Cerebri Ectomia grindy, but it's thick and groovy too. The guitar and bass here are extremely fuzzy. While a lot of bands crank out that buzzsaw death metal that everyone goes wild for, this album sounds like it could play stoner metal. Oh, there's plenty of buzzsaw but it's like fuzz was mixed into the distortion. Hell, "Jackal's Diary" and "Inevitability" actually do for for a little while, bringing down pure, smooth groove that would fit the genre perfectly.

Where Mangled Perception really shines is in its way to sound disgusting and smooth all at the same time. As I've mentioned, this album is groovy as hell, it really can't be overstated, but do the band have that gore-addled angle that the genre is so famous for? Yeah, it does. So what's the deal? The vocals lend greatly to a feeling of disgust, but listen closely to this record: it's got this wetness to it. Like mildew in a corridor. The drums sometimes sound like they're sloshing. Case and point: "Buckets of 357", one of the albums best tracks. Pure bloody brutality.

If you're Monday is in need of some savagery, then you needn't look any further than Mangled Perception. It's goregrind with all the disgust but an incredible amount of catchiness. Really, don't be surprised if these songs get stuck in your head. Bradi Cerebri Ectomia know how to craft some catchy brutality. Get grinding on this slab stat.

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