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Attention, Stoners:

Hey Jerk, Don't Forget To Vote

Posted on October 3, 2008

Immortal encourages the youth to vote

To all our international readers, I'd first like to apologize for the way my country has behaved the last 8 years and let you know this post doesn't pertain to you. To all our U.S. readers who are 18 or over, don't be a dick and forget to register to vote. Whether you vote for Obama or McCain doesn't matter (although if you vote for McCain you are most likely an idiot or an asshole….I said it). Point is this a really important election and to quote Rage Against the Machine, we need to "take the power back". So, don't be a douche, put down the bong, take a few seconds and go to declareyourself.com. DO IT or the hockey mom gets into office.