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ANDREW WK To Release You're Not Alone Album In March!

Posted by on November 30, 2017 at 1:43 pm

The last full-on Andrew WK album the world got was 2006's Close Calls With Brick Walls. Since then, WK has released a few cover albums and even an instrumental piano album, but now the king of partying is coming back in 2018 with another hard rocking record. Andrew WK will release You're Not Alone on March 2, and it'll be 16 tracks of kickass feel-good anthems. Or as the press release describes it, an album of self-actualization.

The songs on this album follow a surprising path to self-actualization. They give the listener permission to admit their vulnerabilities, and the encouragement to feel empowered. They’re reflections on the push and pull between freedom and restriction. It’s a confirmation of everything you are, rejection of all you are not, and at times, a blurring of the difference between the two. Doubt becomes certainty, confusion becomes clarity, and the fear of life becomes the courage to live it completely. The album reveals itself through double meanings, mirrored views, each ringing equally true, even at their most severely discordant.

Andrew WK worked on the artwork for the album with Ozzy Osbourne artist Boris Vallejo and Meatloaf artist Julie Bell, and you can check out the process of the artwork's creation below.

Pre-order You're Not Alone here.

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