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AMON AMARTH May Permanently Enlist OCTOBER TIDE Drummer

Posted by on April 20, 2016 at 10:50 am

Amon Amarth's drummer since 1998 Fredrik Andersson departed the group in 2015, when the band temporarily replaced him with ex-Vomitory/Cut Up drummer Tobias Gustafsson to write and record its new album Jomsviking.

Gustafsson was only a temporary replacement, and as of right now current October Tide drummer Jocke Wallgren is playing with the group live. That being said, frontman Johan Hegg is certainly not opposed to Wallgren joining the group permanently, he explained in a recent interview.

"To be fair to anyone, you need to give them a real chance to grow into it, 'cause it is a tough lifestyle and it can be very aggravating," he explained. "You have to make sure that you feel you get along really well and it's the right guy. I have a good feeling about Jocke, but maybe down the road, he'll grow tired of us. Who knows? [Laughs]"

Regardless, we wish Wallgren the best of luck on the band's current tour, and hope that things work out for a permanent position!


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