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Six METALLICA Albums Made The Highest-Selling Metal Albums of 2016 List; Here's The Entire List

Posted by on January 5, 2017 at 2:22 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Metallica sell, and everybody's buying. We know that the Black Album is a monster, but sometimes we might forget, that the rest of their early catalog still sells very very well.

To my point, Metal Insider compiled a list of the top selling metal albums of the last year, and five Metallica records rank in the top six, with Metallica's debut coming in at #19. The only other band in the top five are Disturbed, with Megadeth's Dystopia ranking at (a respectable) #7. Here's the list:

  1. Metallica, Hardwired… To Self Destruct (Blackened Recordings)
    516,000 sold
  2. Disturbed, Immortalized (Reprise)
    298,000 sold
  3. Metallica, Metallica (Blackened Recordings)
    267,500 sold
  4. Metallica, Master of Puppets (Blackened Recordings)
    163,000 sold
  5. Metallica, …And Justice For All (Blackened Recordings)
    155,000 sold
  6. Metallica, Ride the Lightning (Blackened Recordings)
    153,000 sold
  7. Megadeth, Dystopia (Tradecraft/uME)
    148,000 sold
  8. Five Finger Death Punch, Got Your Six (Prospect Park)
    146,500 sold
  9. Avenged Sevenfold, The Stage (Capitol)
    144,000 sold
  10. Guns N’ Roses, Greatest Hits (Interscope/Geffen)
    138,000 sold
  11. Deftones, Gore (Reprise)
    133,000 sold
  12. Volbeat, Seal the Deal & Lets Boogie (Republic)
    123,000 sold
  13. AC/DC, Back in Black (Columbia)
    117,000 sold
  14. Guns N’ Roses, Appetite For Destruction (Interscope/Geffen)
    115,000 sold
  15. Nirvana, Nevermind (Interscope/DGC)
    114,000 sold
  16. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (Atlantic)
    113,000 sold
  17. Shinedown, Threat to Survival (Atlantic)
    110,000 sold
  18. Pierce the Veil, Misadventures (Fearless)
    105,000 sold
  19. Metallica, Kill ’em All (Blackened Recordings)
    104,000 sold
  20. A Day To Remember, Bad Vibrations (ADTR)
    102,000 sold
  21. Korn, The Serenity of Suffering (Roadrunner)
    100,000 sold

It goes to show that legacy acts are still where all the big money is. The only newer bands here are A Day To Remember, Pierce the Veil and Volbeat – all who already have a decade under their belt. Avenged Sevenfold could have likely been much higher on this list, had they gone the traditional promo route.

[via MetalSucks]

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  • heavymetalrules131313

    Wow, Today I Learned that Nirvana is Heavy Metal….

    • Take a look at the original lists; it has Bon Jovi, Journey, Skillet, Beastie Boys in it.

    • One With Shadows

      What a lame list this is.

    • Sam Potts

      I've known jack-offs that thought Pear Jam was heavy metal…. And told me to headbang to it.

  • Jeffrey

    Where's slayer on this list oh yeah there thrash and dicktallica ain't but Nirvana, eat the Korn out of my fuckin shit metal when did that happen

    • Okay I think my brain is bleeding after reading that.

    • Snailmeister

      Jeff, are you alright man? Do you need 9-1-1? We'll dial it for you if you need it man, just give us the word.

    • Some_Guy_Out_There

      This is a list of top sales of the year.
      You're asking about Slayer.
      Full stop.

    • Wadsworth Van Hagar

      Where's Slayer on this list? Oh yeah! They're thrash, and Dicktallica ain't but Nirvana. Eat the Korn out of my fuckin' shit! Metal? When did that happen?

      Still doesn't make much sense.

    • Sam Potts

      Nobody gives a fuck about Slayer anymore unfortunately….

  • One thing I'll never understand is blogs attributing an article to another blog when they attribute it to an actual source. Why not just H/T to Metal Insider instead of Metal Sucks which H/Ts to Metal Insider? Is that some sort of unwritten goodwill policy or laziness?

    • Wadsworth Van Hagar

      Maximum amount of clicks. I'm sure Metal Injection would appreciate Metal Sucks linking to them if they were just reposting their reposted article from another source.

    • JReed

      Metal Injection and Metal Sucks are owned by the same group of New York Jews.

  • Big Norris

    No wonder Lars is an epic ultradouche

  • basshole

    Well Metallica is the only metal band you need.. so..

  • John27

    I'm surprised the music industry even exists anymore.

  • John27

    It's like the normie kids just discovered Metallica 30 years later.

  • Would like to compare this to the top torrented metal albums.

  • Locoandchooch .

    That's nuts, Metallica still outpace new drops. Can't deny the musicianship of the early years. I've been listening to AJFA at least once a week since it came out in 1988?

  • Clinton

    Who buys or streams Korn?

  • One With Shadows

    Note to all the "metalheads" who are buying this crap:

    Become real metal fans? and pick up the new Testament opus, Brotherhood of the Snake. Then, on Feb. 10, advance your new found metalness with a purchase of Overkill's new beast, The Grinding Wheel. No need to thank me kids, I'm just trying to keep true metal alive.?

  • Sam Potts

    I accidentally stumbled upon my copy of Hardwired to Self-Destruct at a shitty run-down Wal-Mart and realized it was released that day. Best thing that ever happened to me since I heard Master of Puppets on the radio for the first time.

  • rkofan89

    The stage was a7x worse cd so far. Their self titled pretty bad as well.

    • Samuel F. Gømez

      Let me guess… Hail to the King is your favorite one.

      • rkofan89

        Lol no. Waking the fallen. I liked sounding the 7th as well. City of evil I didn't mind because of the speed of some of the songs. Nightmare was good imo. Hail was okay. Few songs I liked, but I didn't think it was better then nightmare or waking

        • Samuel F. Gømez

          Waking the fallen is also my favorite album, but i do like all of their stuff… except for HTTK. It was generic IMO, but i thought the stage was a brilliant concept. It shows a new face for Avenged, that being the proggy-aggro style. Its been tough to make new GOOD music ever since Jimmy passed, but I feel they are finally hitting some higher grounds. Anyways, its awesome that you brought up their first 2 albums… they are their best material. Cheers!

          • rkofan89

            Thank you. I love their first 2. Wish they wouldn't act like it didn't exist. Nothing stuck out for me in the stage. Httk has some good slow songs about losing some stuff the end. Stage felt phoned in. Sunny disposition is the only song I can get into and that's he last few mins of it

          • Samuel F. Gømez

            Maybe give it some time. Some songs are harder to get into than others. And yeah I wish they played more STST or WTF in their shows…

  • Dirty G

    No wonder people don't take metal music seriously, just look at this sorry ass list.

    • Jake Nelson

      This list reflects how the American music consumers are a bunch of dullards. It says nothing about metal.

  • Karl Madsen

    I blame two things for a list like this; The distribution system that makes it nearly impossible for foreign bands to be released in the U.S., new releases from groups like Sister and Tezaura aren't available here. Also the inability for most people to look for new, good bands and will buy what they are told is "hot".

  • Jim Doss

    How the sweet fuck is disturbed still a thing?


    just goes to show how tasteless metal fans are, when Metallica/s best album is at 19 and Megadeth only has one in the top 20. Megadeth clearly the far more talented band. I would say that this is main stream wanta be metal purchaseing fools. Metal goes far beyond Metallica /Disturbed im disturbed just seeing there name under METAL LABEL.