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Here's A Rough Approximation of How Much Musicians Make At Every Level of Success

Posted by on June 23, 2015 at 3:21 pm

We're always talking about how artists get screwed out of money, (for example this post about artists losing money on tour from years ago still gets a ton of traffic) but what about how to actually kill it financially as a musician? Billboard.com came up with some interesting graphics that give you an idea of what the pay scales are for different types of musicians, ranging from some dude busking on the street corner to a group of people selling out an entire stadium.


Don't get too excited. All that money isn't going toward your 17-bedroom house and all the extra curricular activities you're dying to try.


Not that I'm saying you're still not making a killing, but the reality is that being a star still costs a decent amount. Also, these are very rough numbers, so don't start making investments. Might we suggest just doing everything yourself? Clearly that's near impossible, but hey… if you can, you'll be doing pretty alright. They have a few other infographics on touring, radio & TV and digital streaming.

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