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Injection Reflection

OZZY's Farewell Tour, Trans Metalhead Elected to Office & 8 Other Trending Stories You Missed This Week

Posted by on November 10, 2017 at 5:10 pm

Photo by Mark Weiss

It's freezing in New York City already. One month ago, I was contemplating going to the beach. While I ponder climate change, here's what you missed this week…

  1. Somebody Asked MARILYN MANSON If He Actually Had His Ribs Removed To Suck His Own Dick
  2. Over 60 People Reportedly Tossed From A PERFECT CIRCLE Show For Violating "No Photos" Policy This Weekend
  3. OZZY OSBOURNE Announces Farewell Tour
  4. SLIPKNOT's Sid Wilson Was Initiated Into SLIPKNOT By Fighting Clown During A Show
  5. Randy Blythe Congratulates Virginia's First Transgender Metalhead State Delegate, Danica Roem
  6. METALLICA's Lars Ulrich Comments On Harvey Weinstein Sexual Abuse Allegations
  7. NEUROSIS Frontman on ANSELMO Dimebash Incident: "Phil Really Said Some Shit That You Can't Take Back"
  8. CANNIBAL CORPSE's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher Shopping At TARGET Is The Best Video You'll See Today
  9. Joey Jordison Performs Acoustic Version of SLIPKNOT's "[sic]" With Fans In Argentina
  10. Amazon Has 10,000 Metal Albums on Sale For $5 – $6.99