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OZZY Slams SABBATH; TOOL Almost Done & 8 Other Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Posted by on September 14, 2018 at 4:44 pm

There was almost zero sunlight in New York City this week – which meant I listened to a lot of Opeth.

Here's what you missed this week:

  1. OZZY "Didn't Have A Great Time" During BLACK SABBATH Reunion, Got "Bad Vibes"
  2. Do You Hear The Bass on This Official Remaster Of METALLICA's "Dyer's Eve?"
  3. Corey Taylor Confirms He's Focusing on SLIPKNOT In 2019
  4. This Guy's Air Drumming of "Tom Sawyer" Was So Perfect Even RUSH Approve
  5. Can We Talk About James Hetfield's Hulk Hogan-Moustache For A Second?
  6. Maynard To Begin Final Vocal Tracking For New TOOL Album – This Is Not A Drill!
  7. MISFITS Begin To Tease Next Live Show
  8. LIMP BIZKIT's Fred Durst Files For Divorce
  9. Mike Myers Reenacts Famous Wayne’s World Scene at ALICE COOPER's NYC Gig
  10. A Mormon Tried To Approach DEICIDE's Glen Benton & You'll Never Guess What Happens Next