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Heavy Metal Real Estate

GUNS N ROSES Slash Sells His $11 Million Opulent Beverly Hills Mansion For "Only" $8.4 Million

Posted by on December 1, 2017 at 3:00 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Welcome to another edition of Heavy Metal Real Estate, where we explore how rock stars live by way of their real estate listings.

Previously, we've seen the lavish homes of Maynard from Tool, the Hawaii penthouse belonging to Disturbed's David DraimanMetallica's James HetfieldRob ZombieTrent Reznor's old Beverly Hills homeDave Mustaine's $5 million mansion, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's gorgeous hill-top beach house, Danzig's infamous Los Feliz bachelor pad, Sammy Hagar's absurdly huge Hawaii mansion and Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris' opulent pad. Today we look at the way Slash lives. 

When Slash divorced his longtime wife Pearla Hudson in 2015, they both decided it'd be best if they just sold their gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion. The seven bedroom, eight bathroom 11,000 square feet Beverly Hills estate was on the market for over two years with no potential interest.

TMZ reports that rapper Big Sean swooped in and bought the property for a cool $8.4 million – quite a deal he got, likely because Slash and his ex were just wanting to unload the property. Don't feel too bad for Slash, Guns N Roses are doing just fine on their current run. More than fine in fact.

But take a look at these photos. This house is insane. Half of it looks so fancy and expensive I'd be afraid to touch it. I wonder how much their monthly cleaning services bill to upkeep this place:

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