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Hundreds of LIMP BIZKIT Fans Show Up To Fake Dayton Gas Station Concert

Posted by on April 21, 2016 at 3:14 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Remember how we told you yesterday that there was a hoax going around the internet that Limp Bizkit was going to play a surprise 4/20 show at a random Dayton, OH Sunco gas station?

Well, even though the band vehemently denied it, hundreds of fans showed up to see if it was true or not. So many people showed up to the gas station, that the owners actually had to shut down operations to calm the unruly and likely drunk crowd. One fan said in below news report “It’s a little disappointing but [Fred Durst] might be around here. He might be in one of them buildings watching us. So we really don’t know that.” We also don't know if aliens exist, but I'm not about to wait around a gas station to prove it one way or the other. The local news report is pure gold, worth a few minutes of your time:

Congrats to the merry pranksters who pulled it off.

[via MetalSucks]

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