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TMZ Discovers WATAIN's Love of Pig Blood

Posted by on June 17, 2014 at 2:24 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Some critics in the comments often accuse us of being the TMZ of Metal (which personally I think is both hilarious and in a way, a compliment) so we felt it would be appropriate as the TMZ of Metal to cover what the actual TMZ says about metal.

I have no idea how this got on their radar but today the tabloid posted an article titled "SWEDISH METAL BAND HURLS PIGS BLOOD INTO AUDIENCE; Concertgoers Also Hurl" covering their Brooklyn show from this weekend. The band said this was a rare show in that they would be bringing their European stage show, something they do not usually bring over on longer tours.

I did not attend the show because I did not want to (a) be covered in pig's blood (b) have all my clothes smell like pig blood.

In the article there is a shitty 30 second cellphone video that shows the band and you got to love the way the band framed the story:

Watain — whose members are devout devil worshipers — played their only U.S. summer gig Sunday night in Brooklyn … and they were true to form.

You see the lead singer present the audience with a goat skull full of animal blood … then drench the crowd. According to interviews with the band, they use REAL pig's blood.

You hear audience members shriek … and we're told some barfed and cried.

Shockingly … cops say no one complained. And no one has heard a peep from the health dept.

Friends of mine who attended the show confirmed they noticed people puking, but really, if you're going to a Watain show and not expecting this, you are a silly person. The people at TMZ are so far-removed from metal this seems incredibly shocking to them, whereas to me this is just a gimmick. This is Watain's gimmick! The band is more known for their live show than their actual music, settle down TMZ.

But also, congrats to Watain for being a part of the mainstream conversation. Mothers everywhere whose children have a passing interest in metal will be harassing their kids this evening to make sure they don't listen to these Satan worshippers.

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