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EMMURE Make Light Of Domestic Abuse With New T-Shirt, Say Mocking Them Is "Played Out"

Posted by on January 27, 2017 at 3:04 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri recently spoke to Hot Metal, where he made the case that making fun of Emmure is played out. He said:

“I think that the whole, people just going out of their way to shit on it in Emmure has got played out, and I think that people have been doing it for so long that now whenever anyone does it, It’s like dude really – you’re going to fucking throw this card again and honestly — 97 per cent of the comments that are negative on the internet, are surely things based in ignorance. They don’t come from any factuality, there’s nothing to base it off of, they’re just like, ‘I don’t like this band blah, blah, blah, and they suck at guitar’. It’s just like who the fuck is… what are you talking about?

But I don’t allow that to affect how I view the band, I know my music comes from a real place, and I don’t need that negativity. So if people are really into it, then that’s great, but you can’t please everybody, and there is always someone who goes I don’t like it, ‘whatever’ and ‘fuck this’, and that’s fine too.”

I will readily admit that I was impressed by the two new singles, and while yes bagging on the same Emmure jokes has run its course (even though people still constantly come up to me about the supposed "beef" I have with Frankie after this interview and him subsequently sampling my voice in a song, I have no beef… I'm over it.)

But thankfully, Frankie Palmeri is giving us new things to bust his balls about, including another tasteless t-shirt design. Frankie is no stranger to controversial shirt designs. He tried to print up shirts glorifying the Columbine shooting a few years ago, until ultimately shutting that store down. Then, in 2014, he created the tasteful "Ask Your Girlfriend What My Dick Tastes Like" shirt. But that shirt is like the Disney Channel compared to their new shirt, which is available in a pre-order package.

You can see it above, it basically has an expressionless woman on the front of the shirt, and when you go outside, and the sun hits the shirt, special solar ink reveals the woman has been abused. Her lip is busted, her eyes are red and the album title "Look At Yourself" shows up.

So, now that he's made light of Columbine and misogony, I guess the new controversial issue Frankie is hitting up is abuse.

Good work, Frankie – even though Emmure is played out, you constantly give us new items to rag on you about.

Elsewhere in the interview, he threw all of his old band members, which up and quit because they couldn't stand Frankie, under the bus:

“…I’m the only sole survivor of the original line-up. In the original line-up, and it isn’t even the line-up that quit the band, the original line-up, no-one even knows who the fuck those guys are, so it’s always been just been me kind of and always like making my vision come to life in some way, or at least trying to pursue this mission in some degree.

But what, he also throws the rest of his CURRENT band under the bus:

So I have gone through a lot of changes and had to work with all kinds of people, and this latest incarnation of Emmure to me is the only way it should be, and I would probably allow it to be from this point on. There won’t be line-up after this, pretty much is what I’m saying. I think the main purpose of the band is a vehicle for me creatively. So it’s always going to be like that, regardless of who’s in the band.”

Way to share the credit, bruh. I'm sure guitarist Josh Travis, who is a deathcore master and a great dude, had nothing to do with the creative vision of the current sound.


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  • Stuff & Things

    I'm curious if a band ( Emmure or not / i don't care) had released a shirt design with a male looking face on the front that under direct sunlight changed to revealed a battered & bloody face would ppl still think it's about "domestic violence"? Are bloody lips and bruises always a stand in for domestic abuse? What do you think?

    • Raneymbell

      It's exactly that man.. But the double standard doesn't exist apparently… A good majority of people feel like "it's not just one sided"… But like you said.. This shit wouldn't even be an issue if it was a dude on the shirt period lol.. How do they get straight to domestic violence though from a shirt is a good question.. How do they know that the chick was being abused.. And not just some badass bitch in a pit or something lol…

  • seguraMode

    This headline is horse-shit. Of all the fucked up metal shirts or album covers for that matter in existence this one gets a domestic abuse connotation and crosses some line all of a sudden because it's Emmure? I question the authors understanding of the theatric nature of metal and it's themes.

  • thismusicboresme

    I started reading this without seeing who wrote it. Got half-way through and thought to myself, "I bet Robert Zika wrote this."

  • Ungodly Disfigurement

    Honestly, I'm not at all a fan of Emmure, and think Frankie is a huge douche.

    HOWEVER: How is this shirt so controversial when about 99% of death metal bands are making shirts/album covers way worse than this? Baffles me. When Thy Art Is Murder put out "Infinite Death" in '08, they didn't get this treatment: (vocalist) Brendan got worshipped as a deathcore god.

  • Minteeee

    Bullshit have you seen Chelsea grins new album cover its the same thing I dont care what you think about Emmure but calling them out on a tshirt design is just poor "journalism", personally I think the tshirt is rather cool not a fan of abuse obviously but I do like the UV light thing.