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Back in the Day

Back In The Day - Slayer

Posted on June 9, 2008 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Seriously, was there ever a time in metal history people weren't screaming "SLAYERRRRR!!!!" at shows? Back in 1990, the California based band was already a renowned powerhouse of the "original" thrash metal movement. The signature intensity of heavy hitting, riffing and screaming was unlike anything else of it's time, moving the band into the metal stardom they receive today.

Now, I may not be the biggest SLAYER fan any more, but I have to admit hearing a SLAYER oldie on the radio (or a playlist) brings me back faster than a Hi-C squeeze it box. I remember when "Seasons in the Abyss" from the LP of the same name, was a regular on MTV. Like any good metal head back then, I stopped what I was doing and watched the video from start to finish each time it aired, as though it were the last metal video they were going to show on the station. This is Slayer's second music video. It features the Giza pyramids of Egypt, and drummer Dave Lombardo prior to his split with the band over personal conflicts with the other members. The clip still remains to be my favorite SLAYER video of all time, "But why?" you ask. Pyramids, horses, angry Egyptians and an epic looking boat ride… how can you get any more metal than that?

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