Album Review: FROWNING Extinct

Posted by | March 6, 2017

While the debate of what metal subgenre is the most extreme would be endless and revolve around subjective opinion, I'd make the claim that funeral doom should be one of the main contenders. The defining slow tempo of the style along with distorted vocals and lyrical themes embody the epitome of an anti-mainstream sentiment and therefore make for what one should consider "extreme."

| March 6, 2017

Album Review: SIX FEET UNDER Torment

Posted by | February 27, 2017

Overall, I like Torment, but I’m definitely not in love with it. The musicianship that is immortalized on this album is fantastic, and there are definitely quite a few wonderful gems as well, but there are flip sides to these pros as well. M

| February 27, 2017

Album Review: EXALT The Shape You Took Before the Ache

Posted by | September 13, 2016

Like most good trends, the popularity and presence of metallic hardcore has been at a constant ebb and flow. Peaking with the momentum from Converge at the start of the 2000's, the genre eventually lost pace with a focus on melody and the post-hardcore scene. But luckily in more recent years, we have seen a rise in more experimental and forward-thinking groups. Acts like Code Orange and Harms Way were the first I noticed to peek into the underground spotlight, but it seems the floodgates are breaking open as a particularly new sound is becoming increasingly present and compelling.

| September 13, 2016