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Black Metal History Month


Posted by on February 1, 2016 at 10:39 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Welcome to Black Metal History Month 2016! Our month-long celebration of all things grim and necro is back with an all new onslaught of editorials, killer videos, articles on essential listening, and the most kvlt lists you’ll see all year.

As always, the best way to help us celebrate the grimmest month of the year is by wearing your very own Black Metal History Month T-Shirt designed by our buddy Mike Wohlberg, available in our merch store.

Before we kick off this year’s posts, check out some of our highlights from previous years…

We got to see what A Day In The Life of The Necrosexual is like, followed by a hilarious mini-doc on the recording of his album. The King Of Metal, Dave Hill, had some choice words for black metal bands and their music videos.

We explored the origin of black metal stage names, took a look into the history of blackened melodic death metal , counted down the 10 worst crimes committed by black metal musicians, we then looked deep into the religion in black metal, counted down the 10 best one man black metal bands, and counted down 7 Christian Black Metal Bands you need to hear.

We also reviewed some of our favorite Black Metal gems such as:

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