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Black Metal History Month

Fenriz Offers All Black Metal Edition of His Awesome Podcast, RADIO FENRIZ

Posted by on February 8, 2016 at 4:53 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Did Fenriz happen to know that we are celebrating Black Metal History Month? Probably not, but in a happy coincidence, the newest edition of his incredible podcast, where he spotlights unsigned bands is an all black metal edition of the show.

Bands featured include Mystifier, Blod Spill, Samael, Abysmal Lord, Rotting Christ, Vulcano and many more. Take a listen:

Here is the full playlist:

01 MYSTIFIER – an elizabethan devil worshiper's prayer-book BRAZIL 1993
02 BLOD SPILL – phantasm demo '88 USA
03 SAMAEL – into the pentagram SWITZERLAND 90/91
04 ABYSMAL LORD – angels of persecution USA 2014
05 FAUSTCOVEN convent of unearthly delights NOR 2012
06 DEAATH YELL – heavenly injustice DEMO 1989 CHILE
07 PYRIPHLEGETHON – the abyssic nightmare forest NETHERLANDS 2014 DEMO, sorry forgot to thank you Bjørn
08 ZEMIAL – fullmoon necrophilia GREECE/ger 2003 thank you Oscar (OLD)
09 ROTTING CHRIST – feast of the grand whore DEMO '89 GRE
10 TREBLINKA – earwigs in your veins SWEDEN 1989
11 RUST – hammers of hades SWE 2011/2012
12 POISON – yog sothoth GERMANY demo 1986
13 VULCANO – total destruiaco BRAZIL 2002

Listen to previous editions of his show here.

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