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Black Metal History Month

…And That Concludes BLACK METAL HISTORY MONTH 2016. Here's What You Missed

Posted by on February 29, 2016 at 5:45 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

With today being Leap Day, we earned one extra day to celebrate all things grim this year! However, this also sadly marks the conclusion of our 2016 installment of Black Metal History Month.

If you missed any of our coverage, here's a recap the coldest, darkest, and shortest month of the year.

We went over a visual history of corpse paint, showed 10 examples of Celtic Frost love, counted down 7 Kvlt Black Metal Bands you should check out, and looked at career arcs for the bands Krallice, Immortal, and Bathory.

We counted off 10 black metal covers performed by black metal bands, dove deep into the political extremism of the grim genre, and brought you the ultimate Black Metal History Month Spotify playlist!

We looked at why mothers like Deafheaven, peaked into the melodrama of the genre, listed the best black metal band from each state in the U.S., and recounted an experience of visiting the Helvete store in Norway.

We dove into another Black Metal History Primer from 1990-1993, while we also looked into some of the Weirder Black Metal Bands, and rounded things off with a brief history of Greek black metal.

We also went over a lot of Essential Listening:

Don't forget to pick up your Black Metal History Month T-shirt and celebrate with us all year long!

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