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Get Soused On SUNN O))) & SCOTT WALKER's New Beer

Posted by on April 28, 2017 at 1:51 pm

Photo by Clarissa Villondo / Karlin Villondo Photography

Back in 2014, Sunn O))) and experimental artist Scott Walker teamed up for an extremely odd record called Soused. Now the coupling's record will live up to its name and get you soused off your ass with a beer also titled Soused! Right Proper, Stone and Pen Druid have all come together to create the 7% ABV Nordic IPA.

Much like Sunn O)))'s music, the beer aims only to obliterate. Right Proper head brewer Nathan Zeender told NPR that the beer is "the most bitter, intense stuff you'll ever try in your life. It'll blow your mind. You won't have any taste buds left." So go deaf with Soused: The Album, and then destroy your taste buds and brain cells with Soused: The Beer!

The beer will be available in stores in Maryland, Virginia, and some of New York this month.

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