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WATCHTOWER Just Released New Music For The First Time In 26 Years

Posted by on October 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Watchtower was a fantastic technical metal band that consisted of Ron Jarzombek (Blotted Science, Spastic Ink) on guitar, Doug Keyser on bass and Rick Colaluca on drums. The band released two albums, Energetic Disassembly in 1985 and Control and Resistance in 1989, before calling it a day. There was supposed to be a third record called Mathematics but it was just never finished or never released at all… it basically went the way of Gojira's Sea Shepard EP except we're not sure what the hell the deal is.

Then for seemingly no reason at all, on October 21, the band released three songs from Mathematics digitally. Check it out!

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There will be physical pressings of the mini-release in 2016, making this the closest we'll ever come to actually hearing and owning Mathematics in any capacity.

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