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DRACARIS Breathe New Life Into Blackened Death Metal

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 4:21 pm

Roaring out of the caverns of the underground is New York City's own Dracaris, a musical collective of five extremely dedicated individuals, all of whom have come together to wring some new (un)life out of the maelstrom that is blackened death metal. They may have only formed in the spring of 2013, but do not mistake newness for a lack of professionalism, chops, or experience, because Dracaris has these three qualities in spades. Fronted by Matt Szablewicz on vocals, the band is rounded out by Matt Slagle on drums, guitarists Kamron Robinson and Christian Allen, and bass player James Orlando. Each of them has stockpiled a wealth of experience plying the underground in various musical outfits, but with Dracaris they operate much more as one collective whole.

Their 5-song eponymous EP, as yet their only release, is distributed on Senseless Life Records. The future, however, is wide open for Dracaris, who find themselves poised to explode. Armed with a wellspring of creativity and the hunger to perform live and release some proper albums, that future is not only wide open but also very bright.

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As evidenced by the excellent 'Mortem a Deo,' Dracaris shows they can meld many different styles into their sound, blending atmospheric death metal seamlessly with passages of blasting black-metal inspired fury.

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On the live front, Dracaris excel. No-nonsense performances are dashed with brevity and camaraderie courtesy of affable front man Matt Szablewicz. Serious about their appreciation for the ardor of true underground fans, the band offers up an ice cold cooler full of beer to all who gather to watch them rage.

This scribe bore witness to a recent live performance during which Dracaris showcased some new, as yet unreleased material. I'm still picking up pieces of my face. By all accounts the album they are currently working on is going to crush, as their mixture of brutality and melody will allow them to reach new heights and to expand their notoriety.

Look for Dracaris in the tri-state area, especially Brooklyn, NY, as they bring their wall of unrelenting sound to clubs such as The Acheron, Tobacco Road, and St. Vitus Bar.

For more on Dracaris, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Dracaris, or go to www.Dracaris.com.

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