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Thrash Attack

Thrash Attack: Meet The Speedy Thrash of SEAX's Speed Metal Mania

Posted by on May 2, 2017 at 4:22 pm

For this week’s Thrash Attack, I came across this electrifying thrasher ya’ll need to peep. Released last September, Seax’s Speed Metal Mania is all things that make for speedy thrash, while turning up the dial on punk attitude. For fans of such acts as Toxic Holocaust, Speed Metal Mania is a volcanic explosion of adrenaline fueled riffs.

Making for an excellent soundtrack to a dystopian Mad Max like landscape, Speed Metal Mania is an old school metal head’s wet dream. Playful titles such as “Leather and Spikes”, along with “Forged by Metal”, take off at lighting speeds with a zero tolerance in breathing room. Formula is pretty standard here, for minus one brief instrumental track, every other song is a balls to the wall rush. This is all thanks to the riff roaring guitar work that fills the album. While the drumming plows on through each song, the guitar is what gives each title a sense of flavor. “Nuclear Overdose” is one particular track that comes to mind for its wild and at times playful tempo shifts. The guitar maintains a solid balance between speed-driven thrash, and ripping punk aggression. In “Evil Mistress”, while there is still plenty of speed, one will notice a slight shift in tempo. This combines with a rugged vocal delivery, both letting loose with grit. The song eventually blends this sound with a powerful melodic thrash section, rushing off to the finish line like a glorious fire ball.

Seax make for a great mix of aggression and fun in each song. Each track promises to be jammed pack with excitement and energy, with the help of soaring guitar work and driving drums. If you are just like me and hearing of Seax for the first time, then stream Speed Metal Mania below! If you are interested in following the band and any of their future releases, you can find them on Facebook. Thanks for tuning into the Trash Attack, and let us know your thoughts on Seax in the comments.

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