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These Snippets Of ICE-T Narrating A Dungeons And Dragons Book Are Amazing

Posted by on August 19, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Ice-T is known mainly for being a total badass in Body Count and looking like he'll straight up kill you for even breathing kind of funny around him. He's just a tough dude overall, which is why it's so damn weird to hear him narrate a book about a Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

Something Awful tells us the book is a "a Drizzt Do’urden adventure," which is about a useless a sentence to me as if you sat me down and started explaining advanced quantum mechanics. Anyway, let's get to those clips.

Listen, Ice-T has a voice that's easy on the ears. I get why he'd be chosen to narrate pretty much anything. He's like a violent Morgan Freeman, but that being said I just expected to hear a table flip over and then gunshots at literally any given second during those clips.Like just getting halfway through the sentence and then realizing the engineer was looking at him with a kind strange look, so Ice yells "ENGINEER! KILLEERRRRRRRR!" and then breaks through the soundproof glass and chokes the dude out. There'd be guitar riffs and everything.

Better yet, why is what I just described not an audio book by Ice-T yet.

[via MetalSucks]

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