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There's A Christian Church In Brazil That Plays Metal For Its Congregation

Posted by on January 29, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Metanóia Chapel is a legitimately Christian church in Brazil, though it sure as hell doesn't act like it's a Christian church. Instead of playing your usual four-part harmony hymns in a serene way to set the mood, this chapel is playing everything from Christian rock to Christian metal for its congregation.

Check out the below video of said congregation essentially losing its shit for Jesus by windmilling and generally rocking out, which is a weird sentence that I'll probably never get to say again.

[via MetalSucks]


  • epeneth muthu

    St Paul subjects himself n bounding himself for Christ from the power of the Air (World, flesh n Satan), even Satan confess that Jesus is king of Kings n Lord of Lords, cze he got every gifts from him alone the Lucifer, the same gift of God to Lucifer is manifested through Entertainment, so we are entering the Serpents Zone of Entertainment which includes all the Entertainment of this world, if we are true Christians (Christian is not a religion) One who follows Christ are Christians not spotted by the world (See Not, Touch Not n Taste Not).