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First taste of new music from EVERY TIME I DIE/ANTHRAX/FALL OUT BOY Callabo

Posted on June 1, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Late last year, it was revealed that Scott "I Say Yes To Everything" Ian & Rob Caggiano of Anthrax would be teaming up with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die and Joe Trohman & Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy for a new project called The Damned Things. We giggled and wondered what kind of music the band would produce. Now, the band has posted two demos of songs they will be released and what do we think? Meh!

To me, it just sounds like a more corporate Every Time I Die, less edgy more polish. It makes me wonder, why even bother? I guess these guys must be having fun playing with each other, but I am not impressed. How do you feel about this band?

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