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Song Premiere

The CONFLUX COLLECTIVE Introduce A New Age Of Death Metal Mastery on "Lucid Hallucinations"

Posted by on April 4, 2016 at 6:24 pm

Since the newly announced tech-death ensemble Conflux Collective will be brand spanking new to most people, it's sick that we get to show you their first single today, "Lucid Hallucinations".  As the name suggests, the line-up for Conflux Collective is indeed a large group of people, with skilled guitarist Chase Fraser at the core uniting this multi-national group. A group whose line-up will be different from song to song, and the complete Conflux Collective is: Guitarist Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex-Animosity, Decrepit Birth) Drummer Tommy Mckinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis) Mike DiSalvo (Akurion/Coma Cluster Void/ex-Cryptopsy) Bassist Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation) Elliot Desgagnes (Beneath The Massacre) Eran Segal (ex-Aborted) Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy) Hugo Doyon Karout (Beyond Creation/Brought By Pain/Equipose)

But getting back to the technical death slaughterfeast that is "Lucid Hallucinations",  the band employs Beneath The Massacre vocalist Elliot DesGagnes for the whole song. As always, he brings his intense growl and rapid fire delivery to the music in a way that few can. In addition,  Chase Frasier proves himself yet again as a phenomenal songwriter and guitarist within the technical death metal genre. To me, "Lucid Hallucinations" is proof that the guy just keeps writer better and crazier stuff with each project he works with.  Joining him on this song is none other than skilled bassist Hugo Doyon Karout. The song is rounded out by a militaristic flurry of pulverizing drumming from Tommy Mckinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis) that decimates your ears in a beautiful way.

While last year's Continuum record that Chase also worked on went criminally underrated in my opinion, the music on "Lucid Hallucinations" feels similar to the frenetic and mind-bending kind of tech-death that record delivered in spades. Jam below and get your jaw ripped off. This song is a bomb and your soul requires metallic devastation! The full 3 song EP, The Inception, drops on May 3rd.

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