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New Music, Song Premiere


Posted by on August 23, 2017 at 11:46 am

Bionatops, the extremely strange and ridiculously catchy group featuring guitarist, bassist, and vocalist Joseph Spiller (ex-System DivideCaricatureThe Binary CodeToo Late The Hero), as well as drummer Jeff Willet (ex-Black Crown Initiate), has officially announced its debut album Voices.

We've been given the privilege to stream the title track off the album, which is just totally nuts. Some of the vocals make you feel like you're listening to an old school Primus song (as does the rest of the album), while some sections are just stupid heavy.

I'll let Spiller elaborate a little more.

So the first song droppola of the Voices album is the title track… imagine that! I feel that if you are going to do a heavily themed album then it's probably best to use the intro and first song to set up that theme/concept. And since this is the first record introducing what Bionatops is, I felt I had to double down.

The album is from the point of view of a lovable hillfolk kinda guy that may or may not be hearing things that are not there and may or may not be telling the truth with his stories. He isn't sure either. This is the gateway drug to a land of a guy that walks through life to his own beat and is just out there to have fun. The gravity of what is going on in our world is not lost on me, but sometimes we all just need a break from that serious and losing your mind to disconnect with reality to a more fun one seems more and more appealing by the day. This record is meant to be fun at all levels.

Pre-order Voices here before its September 22 release date.

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