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Song Premiere

BANGLADEAFY's New Song Is A Rhythm Section's Worst Nightmare

Posted by on July 25, 2016 at 11:01 am

Photo by Nick Spadafora

Bangladeafy, the cleverly named duo consisting of Bangladeshi drummer Atif Haq and hearing impaired bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist Jon Ehlers, is back for another round. The band will be releasing its new EP Nacropaloma through Nefarious Industries on August 26, which is its follow-up to the total mindfuck of its previous EP titled The Briefcase.

Though don't get me wrong – the song we're premiering today is also a giant mindfuck. "Termites" bends and twists endlessly though cluttered hallways of riffs and insane passages that just might make you pause the track to get off your ass and practice. Seriously, this sounds like four dudes trying to keep up with one another… not two dudes crushing it. Observe!

Check out our profile on Bangladeafy from last year:

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