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Nick Jonas Attempts Guitar Solo, Fails Miserably

Posted by on April 4, 2016 at 3:19 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Photo via JustJared

Hello music fans, did you know that the American Country Music Awards awards were last night? Probably not, but today a lot of my guitar aficionado friends are all talking about the show because of a performance by Nick Jonas.

"Nick Jonas?!," you might ask. "The guy from that boy band?!" Why would anybody be talking about him? Well, because he attempted a guitar solo during the performance, and it doesn't take a guitar wiz to realize it wasn't very good:

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Update: Jonas has since commented on the matter and it seems he is taking it all in stride:

The video has traveled quickly in meme circles, with one musician so inspired by the solo, that he had to recreate it himself:

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We're sure being on stage in front of thousands watching live and millions watching at home isn't easy, but maybe you should have ditched that solo, Nick?

[h/t Mark Lewis]

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  • Johny Hammes

    When people tell me I'm not Hollywood good, I will think of this as I cut thier heads off.