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TWITCHING TONGUES Goes Less Hardcore And More Classic Doom On "Kill For You"

Posted by on February 13, 2018 at 1:58 pm

Twitching Tongues will release their new album Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred on March 9 and it seems like a pretty diverse offering thus far. The band's single "Harakiri" was a pretty straightforward groove-oriented thrash tune, and now we've got "Kill For You."

"Kill For You" is much more in the vein of bands like Danzig and Crowbar. Sure, that sounds like a total far cry from what you're used to, but Twitching Tongues really needs to put out way more music like this. They nail the tempo changes, guitar-on-a-mountaintop riffs, and the doom-laden vocals overtop just take things to the next level.

So yes, you might seriously want to consider pre-ordering Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred. It just might rule.

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