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TRIUMVIR FOUL's New Song Is Noisy, Putrid And Possibly Speaker-Destroying Death Metal

Posted by on January 23, 2019 at 2:39 pm

Fair warning – the headline doesn't use the term "speaker destroying" solely as a descriptor for how heavy this song is. The first thirty seconds or so of Triumvir Foul's new song "Urine of Abomination I" is straight up Merzbow-esque noise that leads into an absolutely filthy death metal track; so if your speakers are on their last leg, maybe turn this one down a notch.

Triumvir Foul's new EP Urine of Abomination is described as "showcasing their more caustic elements to date" and "a direct approach in discussing the obliteration of the godhead and humiliating him in piss." So yeah, dudes aren't exactly beating around the bush with that title.

Urine of Abomination is out March 29. 20 Buck Spin will be handling the distribution of the title in North America.

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