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The New GATECREEPER & IRON REAGAN Songs Will Cave In Your Skull

Posted by on February 13, 2018 at 10:49 am

By and large I never really find myself getting too excited about splits. I just usually find the jump between artists jarring and they usually feel like B-side offerings to tide fans over to the band's next release, or just weird experimental stuff that wouldn't otherwise fit. That being said, the coming Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper split is going to be absolutely ridiculous and I need it in my life like, yesterday. Both bands have clearly brought their best material to the split, and if you don't believe me then listen to the two shining examples below.

Iron Reagan brings the crossover thrash to start you off in the pit, and then Gatecreeper closes the deal by causing everyone to kill everyone else. The Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper Split comes out on March 2 and you can pre-order it below.

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