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REVOCATION Frontman's New Band GARGOYL Streams Grungy, Angular EP Asomatous

Posted by on January 25, 2019 at 12:29 pm

Gargoyl is the new band featuring Revocation frontman and guitarist Dave Davidson on guitar and bass, Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca doing the same while acting as the vocalist, and drummer Josh Park. The band only recently announced their existence and now they're streaming their two-song demo Asomatous. Davidson had previously described the group as "a blend of jazzy prog and frenzied grunge-goth," which is exactly what you're getting from Asomatous. It's one hell of a listen that goes quite a lot of places, yet grounds itself in a very abstract Faith No More-ish sound for coherence throughout the twists and turns.

Davidson tells Revolver, who also premiered the EP, that Gargoyl is currently writing their full-length album. Stream it below.

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