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MUDVAYNE Drummer Premieres New Industrial-Ish Electronic New Project CULT OF MONTU

Posted by on January 3, 2019 at 11:42 am

Mudvayne and Audiotopsy drummer Matthew McDonough is back with a new project that's hardly in the vein of either band he's associated with. McDonough's Cult Of Montu is electronic, industrial and weirdly cinematic with compositions that all clock in around 20 minutes and require the listener to be on board with the entire journey presented.

Here's how the band described themselves.

Cult Of Montu is comprised of the production duo, Hypostatic and mjdawn. Associated with acts such as Mudvayne and Audiotopsy, the storied history of two uncompromising artists continues.

Cult Of Montu plans on releasing more material through Ignostic Front. You can stream thieir very memorably-titled record >73656c66​-​7469746c6564 below.