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MENDACIUM's New Song "Decimating Titans" Levels Everything With Crushing Black Metal

Posted by on January 11, 2018 at 2:58 pm

Mendacium is the project of Void Ritual's Daniel Jackson, who apparently needs more than one outlet in which to bring forth devasting music. Mendacium will release its debut EP Decimating Titans on February 9 via Redefining Darkness, and the title track pretty much sums up what you should expect from the project – relentless blackened death metal from hell.

Plus, when a description of an album says the music "draws inspiration from the pitch black sounds of early Immortal, Emperor, and Angelcorpse, with a theme just as bleak," you better believe it's either going to rule or be a massive letdown. In this case, it's very much the former.

Pre-order Decimating Titans here.