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LOW ESTATE's New Song "Masked Illusion" Gets Extra Heavy With INTEGRITY's Frontman

Posted by on September 14, 2017 at 4:42 pm

Low Estate's new album Covert Cult Of Death is out October 22, and from the lead single "Masked Illusions," you can gather that it's going to be heavy as balls. Though what makes it even heavier is the fact that the song features a guest spot from Integrity's frontman Dwid Hellion. Unfortunately, Hellion's appearance also destroyed time, according to guitarist Geoff Garlock in an interview with Decibel.

“Thirty-nine year old me told 16 year old me that Dwid from Integrity was guesting on our record, which made 16 year old me’s head explode in pure hardcore excitement,” Low Estate guitarist Geoff Garlock tells Decibel. “It also created a weird time paradox, but it was worth it.”

Pre-order Covert Cult Of Death here.

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