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Let BASILYSK Drag You Into Death Metal Darkness With "Molester of Dreams"

Posted by on January 18, 2019 at 6:54 pm

Philadelphia- based Basilysk are a new death metal outfit built to infect you with their catchy melodic riffs and relentless grooves that'll leave you wanting more.

I'm elated to share their latest offering, "Molester of Dreams" with you today, in prep for their Emergence LP release on February 22nd. The track is a monster example of the band's precision and grooves that'll keep you smashing that repeat button, so give it a try!

Guitar / Vocalist Josh Perrin comments on the track:
"Musicians and artists are constantly bombarded with negativity from the plebian collective for pursuing a carreer which utilizes their natural-born talents. These cancerous doubts are ignited by jelousy, pursuit of control, or because your goals are considered too unrealistic through the mundane lens. "Molester of Dreams" is about this type of psychic invasion, and also our anthem to keep fighting against the bastards."

Pre-order Emergence by Basilysk now via their Bandcamp page!

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